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Sounds like they are taking the easy way out, and don't seem to care about the economy or the people. If they can't afford to pay you maybe it is just better to go out of business and let a smaller company buy them out and make it profitable again.
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I don't think that is fair. We have a lot of that over here too
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I never realized this was also a problem in the UK. I guess things are bad in a lot of places.
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I hate it, there are too many people here that are out of work and we need the jobs before some other country gets them! Shameful is what it is.
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Thanks, that's what I thought but I'm too close to the problem and too involved personally.
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There are different points when we talk about outsourcing, from its positive to its negative side but with regards to its quality, outsourced services have the best services they can offer especially in IT-related tasks.
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Well yes I agree. We can't just say bad things about outsourcing because there are different matters and it will just depend on some things etc. Yes there is a negative but there is also a positive side on this matter. We all know that businesses outsource because they need the right presence for the tasks that is why, imagine if they can't find any in their range or within the range then how can the business grow or continue right? Well you can just read more about outsourcing here OBP Business Process Services Firm, if you may thanks!
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Outsourcing is hiring someone in another country to do the work instead of a local person. Some common reason why companies outsource employees from other places because of the reason that they feel the presence of workforce they needed does not exist within the range.
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I think companies outsource their business because they believe its the only way to keep their business on track. Knowing that recession affects everybody, business process outsourcing is the answer to our dying economy. Some of these companies offer different services such as customer support and IT services: Outsourceit2philippines.com
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How is this the answer to our dying economy if people in the US lose their jobs to people in other countries?
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Outsourcing benefit both the company involved with it.
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Outsourcing in the Philippines, or any other leading offshore delivery location, is a smart move for any company. It will allow them to save on costs while still maintaining productivity – in some cases, even increasing productivity – and meeting deadlines. These and other benefits help companies gain a competitive edge over other businesses in the same or related industries.

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Hate it. Dislike it. No need for it in America. Needs to be eliminated. American employers need to find a way to make to make to make to make the jobs, salaries and benefits work in America. It can be done. Big tasks, so is America.

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Outsourcing is a Best Practice to save our Quality Time and Money. If you get Outsourcing services from the Vendors for certain Functionalities, then You can focus mainly on your Core part of the Business. Companies like Allsec Technologies, ADP Sutherland provides the Best Outsourcing Support.

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It's a Brilliant Idea.

I am Mika Edword, working as a service associate in Cogneesol i.e. A Business Outsourcing Company. So, I have a healthy opinion about Outsourcing.

A number of US based business owners do not have enough time as well as resources to perform their all core and non core business activities, resulting errors, inefficient time management and data loss. Thus, they have to outsource their non-core activities to the business outsourcing companies like cogneesol, isw etc.

Taking an Example of Insurance Companies; The Core tasks of Underwriters in an insurance company is to deal with agents, finalizing policies etc. This is a huge work, So, To Manage all his/her tasks efficiently, The underwriter outsource their non-core
procedures starting from quotes creation, policy issuance, policy checking, loss runs, endorsements and renewals;  to the Insurance Outsourcing Service Providers.

Not only non-core activities, Business Agencies are relying upon Outsourcing companies for their 99% of Data Management and Technical Support aspects.

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Outsourcing is a very widespread practice in the most of developed countries, big corporations want to save their money and outsource a part of working activities to poorer countries, providing a lot of people with earning opportunities. I guess such countries like India and Ukraine are the most popular destinations for outsourcing, here is a great post on this topic https://diceus.com/software-development-companies-ukraine/  .

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The term ‘outsourcing’ simply refers to contracting an outside agency or service provider for carrying out those office tasks and functions for which you either lack in-house expertise or the time and resources. The outsourcing vendor can be in the same city or even country of residence.

Typically, the decision to outsource stems from a desire for efficiency and cost-saving for the company.

In today’s global scenario, almost every organization outsources in some way. Typically, the function being outsourced is considered non-core to the business. For example, an electronics goods company might decide to outsource its customer care operations to those firms that specialize in such types of work. Many large companies now outsource jobs such as call centre services, e-mail services, and payroll.

Visit to know more- https://www.virtualemployee.com/blog/what-is-the-difference-between-outsourcing-offshoring-and-offshore-outsourcing

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I think outsourcing is a solution of the business outsourcing is a way to introduce your product.
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For some business, its there way out especially for those who can't afford their some expenses on their own. Outsourcing is very cost-effective in many ways.
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Companies are also trying to survive so they would search for tactics that could save them money. Outsourcing helps them in that department as that they could be paying less for the salary of their workers.

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