What Are The Common Features Of Business Organizations?


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  The various common features of a business organization include:
·   A group of people who come together to achieve a common goal
·   Organizations have a vision and mission.
·   They have a culture that is guided by their organizational values.
·   They develop strategies to achieve their goals.
·   They have a structure (departments, divisions, teams) and system to achieve the goals.
·   They get input, process it and then have an output.
·   They have customers for whom the product or service is developed.
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The most important thing is that you create the right culture to support your vision and that you recruit the right people in to that culture, this is very important. If you recruit people who don't believe in your culture/vision friction will be created and performance will be negatively impacted.

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1 source of employment
2 means of earning
3 Dynamic
4 Mass production and marketing
5 Product diversity
6 Globalization
7 information
8 service creation
9 Easy product availability
10 Competition
11 Govt. Interference
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1.hierarchy of authority
2.goal oriented
3.chain of command
5.visions and missions
7.public or private
8.core values and norms
9.organisational chat or structure
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Common feature
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The common features of a business organisation:

  1. made up by a group of people who work together for the achievement of set goals – different people do different things orspecialise in one activity

  2. have business strategies to achieve goals/objectives

  3. have a vision and a mission

  4. have a culture which is formed by the organisational values

  5. have structures (such as department, teams and divisions) and a sound system i.e. systems and procedures

  6. have inputs which are processed and provide an output

  7. have customers besides other stakeholders

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