What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Team Work In Today's Health Care Organization?


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Team work in any healthcare organization is essential, meaning that it usually has more advantages than disadvantages. One of the key plus points of working as a team is improved efficiency and speed when carrying out various tasks. When everyone is working together as part of a cohesive unit, there is more shared responsibility and less pressure on select individuals, which usually means jobs can be done more quickly and with less unnecessary fussing involved.

Another advantage of team work in modern healthcare services is the shared knowledge and expertise that workers can benefit from. Having a number of people working on a single task rather than just one or two makes it much easier to overcome any problems associated with a specific procedure; if one person doesn't understand something, it's likely that another member of the team will be able to fathom it out. Yet again, this idea of having a shared pool of knowledge can really boost productivity and efficiency levels within a health care practice - something that's key in ensuring that care of a consistently high-quality is delivered to patients.

There are very few drawbacks of working as a team when delivering healthcare services, but as with anything in industry, there are the odd few here and there. One of the main and most obvious disadvantages is the somewhat wasteful staff distribution involved when assigning a group of people to one job rather than just one or two individuals. There's also the problem of conflicts arising when colleagues fall out with one another or have issues outside of work that get in the way of their ability to work together amicably on a project. Still, providing groups can set aside any differences they have and focus fully on their work commitments during their scheduled working hours, this shouldn't create too much of a problem.
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