What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Flat Organization?


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The main advantage of flat organization structure in increased coordination and timely spread of information among different departments. The top management is closer to the middle management which makes it easier for the upper management to communicate effectively to the lower level management. Flat organizations as contrary to tall structures are more effective in terms of innovation and empowerment. Flat organizations require increased coordination and use of teams and work group setting. The policies are easier and quicker to implement in flat organizations. The disadvantage is that organizations have to cope up with the challenges of greater flexibility in the form of opposing views of team members. The group and team conflicts need to be handled efficiently.
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I don't really know but hear are a few
• Decision are made very quickly
• Business does not have to pay a many people.
• Wide span of control
• Very little chance of promotion.
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Disadvantages are that the employees at the bottom levels will feel less needed. They will have many people at the same level as them and there will be less of a chance of promotion due to all the lower employees.
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Although for many organizations, the flat structure can be very effective but it ahs certain disadvantages as well. For example, an employee may have more then one boss or supervisor. This can create a lot of confusion because employees may not know when to report to whom. In addition to this, the two bosses may get into a power struggle so as to exercise maximum control over the employee. Another problem with flat structures is that it may limit the growth potential of an organization because as organizations grow, the hierarchy grows along both horizontal and vertical axes. The management may forgo certain opportunities to maintain the flat structure. Another disadvantage is that it can be applied to huge organizations unless they are divided into smaller units and it is difficult to adapt for huge corporations. In flat structures the boundaries are blurred and there may be a lot of generalists but no specialists. Due to this employees may fight with each other over task ownership.
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Flat organizations are much harder to start than a deep rooted Tall organization but it is great for the longer term diversification of asset classes
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Flat organizations are very useful as they provide there employees a better opportunity to improve their skills and qualities..they have a better chance to share their ideas which helps the organization to be more innovative and progressive

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Wrong they have more lines of communication in a tall therefore its harder

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