What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Work?


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There are many advantages and disadvantages of working in groups. Some of the advantages include: A greater output of work, meaning that because there is more than one individual working there is likely to be number of views and ideas covered. By exchanging ideas, some people may be stimulated to explore ideas they would otherwise have ignored. People are more likely to take risks and suggest things they normally wouldn't, knowing that the group would need to agree anyway to implement them.
The pressure of working within a group setting can cause individuals to recognise that changes may be needed, because of the group dynamic. Because more than one person is involved there may be someone in the group who has a knowledge of a particular problem and they can communicate the knowledge to the group before a decision is made. Solutions are likely to be more diverse because of differing viewpoints, and therefore of better quality.
Some disadvantages of working in groups include: The fact that competition can often be destructive and can affect creative ideas if they are not agreed upon. There could be some people in the group who will go along with the majority viewpoint, even if they don't agree with it, and this could lead to the group not exploring possibilities they may not have considered. A leader is not always appointed to the groups and this can mean that there is no direction to group discussions. Solving group problems can also be a time-consuming process as it does require individuals to agree with each other in order to appease the whole of the group. If no note taking has taken place then some valid ideas may not be considered when the decision-making process takes place.
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Hope this helps !

When the group members are not willing to compromise and work together on issues, nothing gets done.

When groups work together for a long time, the members try to avoid disagreement and agree with what others say and at times this may lead to bad decisions being made.

Some people may not do any work and try to take advantage of what others are doing.  


Different opinions and ideas are developed

Shared information means increased learning

Increased opportunity to draw on individual strengths

Group members bring their own special skills to the groups


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