What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Team Negotiation?


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There are four main disadvantages that can arise from negotiations. The actual process of negotiation usually involves the two (or more) parties reaching a compromise by stating their ideas or wishes, and then having to relinquish some of these in order to reach an agreement with others. However, they mustn't give up so much that the opposite party gains too much.

Negotiations take place in a lot of situations such as debating economic and political problems, and also in everyday life between employees and customers for example.

• One major advantage of negotiations is that reaching an agreement can actually sometimes prevent conflict between the two parties. A great example, even though it failed at the time was the Munich Pact between the United Kingdom, France, Italy and German before World War Two began, which was mean to avoid a conflict on a large scale.
• Another advantage is that negotiations that occur in the field of economics can reveal new and exciting economic opportunities to the people doing the debating. If a negotiation is ongoing between a buyer and a seller then the buyer can often negotiate a better deal, whilst the seller can push discounts for the buyer if they buy in large quantities.
• However, one disadvantage of negotiations is that some people believe it can show that a party is too weak to impose their will. It also gives off the impression that another party can just swoop in and manipulate and control that will. This could be an explanation as to why governments are sometimes so reluctant to negotiate.
• Another disadvantage is that negotiating requires a tremendous amount of skill from both parties. Although a party may be able to present their ideas in a competent manner, but some are not able to understand the offers that the opposite party makes. This means that it is difficult to reach a deal or agreement.

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