How Do You Set Up Direct Deposit For An Unemployment Check In Tennessee?


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If you want to apply for payments in the state of Tennessee you will have to make sure you do so in January and claimants will have the choice of either a debit card or direct deposit.

Claimants wanting to choose direct deposit would need to do so online, as it will not be an option for a claimant filing by telephone or at a local career center. To make this change, claimants would have to go to, then click on the View/Update Payment Type and follow the step by step prompts.

For those people who are existing claimants, they will have the chance to access this website also and choose either a direct deposit or debit card as their method of receiving benefits. One must consider that those who are applying to be new telephone claimants will be defaulted to debit cards as of 18th January 2011.

Your debit card should arrive in the post within seven to 10 business days in an envelope with a return address of State of Tennessee, P.O. Box 9044, Copell, TX 75019. Please open this immediately and follow the activation instructions accordingly.

You will need to get in touch with Chase at 1-866-429-9835 in order to activate your card and you will also be prompted to set up a four digit PIN number. After three incorrect attempts, your card will be deactivated and if you do lose your card or do not receive your card within this seven to 10 day period, you will have to contact Chase Customer Service and request a replacement card to be sent out.

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