How Do I Get Tennessee Unemployment Checks On Direct Deposit?


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It is actually very easy to enroll in Direct Deposit to receive your Tennessee Unemployment checks, thanks to new regulations passed by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

The new rules, which enacted on January 18, 2011, offers those receiving unemployment insurance two new electronic options: Debit cards and direct deposit.  When you apply to receive unemployment insurance you will be able to elect to have your payments deposited onto a debit card or directly deposited into your checking account.  If you are already collecting unemployment insurance in the state of Tennessee you can also apply to change your collection method if you want to use Direct Deposit.

In order to do this you simply have to fill out the application that is available at, which is where you will find all of the information regarding the Unemployment Insurance program.

While you might find this to be more convenient for you, as a person out looking for work and working hard when you can just to earn a pay check, the State of Tennessee has determined that they will also save money and time by making electronic payments.  In fact, recent statistics show that the state of Tennessee is projected to save around $3.2 million dollars annually due to the reduction of postage and paper costs!

Finally, though, you should know that if you choose to use the debit card options there are some fees associated with account maintenance.  Checking your information online and making withdrawals at authorized locations are, of course, free.

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