What Time Of Day Does Direct Deposit Post?


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Direct deposits are known for their fast and secure money transfers. In most cases, direct deposits take a few hours or two working days to post. This again depends on the time the direct deposit is made.

Your direct deposit post will depend on the type of account you have and your bank. You need to find out from your bank the length of time it takes for this to happen before you open a direct deposit account with them.

Apart from being safe, direct deposits are the best way to prevent paycheck theft or loss. Direct deposits are a convenient way of transferring money without any fears of loosing your check. Usually the money reaches your account the same day it is sent. Money is sent directly by your employer to your account.

Banks offer lower or no charges for operating direct deposits accounts. Most accounts are charged an average of $3 a month. Some direct deposit accounts offer services such as free withdrawals, easy and direct payment of bills from the account and checks among other services.

Direct deposits are a sure way of avoiding bouncing cheques. This is because direct deposit accounts debit your cash almost immediately. It is therefore very easy and quick to know that a bouncing check has been sent to your account.

Usually, application for a direct deposit to your bank has to be done through your employer. In case of holidays falling on pay days, direct deposit account holders have the benefit of having their cash deposited earlier.

Before you apply for a direct deposit account, you need to go through all the terms and conditions of the bank. This method of pay is generally secure and convenient but some accounts may take too long to process the post of your deposit.

Once you open a direct deposit account, it will take you a month or two to start benefitting from this service. Once money is deposited into your account, you can access it as soon as the bank can process the post.
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It depends on your financial institution. After working for a Bank several years I have seen that most direct deposits post around 6:00 AM Eastern +/- 3 hours. Hope this helps.
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As soon as computers are fired up, I have checked and usually have it by 6AM
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Direct deposits are made available to the receiving bank as of 12:00 a.m. On the check date, as long as long as the payroll is transmitted two days earlier (as discussed below). The funds are posted at the discretion of the receiving bank. Employees should contact their banks to learn the exact time that direct deposits are posted to their accounts.

Intuit Payroll Services can't guarantee that direct deposit funds will be available in your employees' bank accounts by the paycheck date. Advise your employees to check with their banks to find out when funds are posted before they write checks against the payroll funds.
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It depends on the financial institution or service that you use.
For example the netspend debit card allows posts to your account to be available 2 days in advance. This is he service I prefer for faster deposits.
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I have direct deposit of my SSI check and work it is in there at 12:00a.m.on the day that I receive them.
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I have afdc. And they said they sent my direct deposit on the 30th of july @ 1:30p.m. And its now august 2nd. And  I don't see it pending does any one know how long it takes to post????
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