If I Signed A Quitclaim Deed On A Home Mortgage And My Ex Files For Bankruptcy. Will That Effect Me?


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Only joint credit activity previous to filing for bankruptcy can be subject to lender's right of recovery. You would not have mortgage listed on credit report(s),since you have received quitclaim privilege.But the credit report(s) will list both you and ex by ssn(s),so any activity by either of you will be listed regardless of divorce, Under new guidelines passed by congress both of you will be pressed into credit and budget classes paid by the both of you. Both of you will have to payoff all loans in seven years in amounts of monies agreed on by lenders and bankruptcy courts. Remember though, there are predatory companies who'll gladly lend you anything you want,but of course they'll charge exorbitant interest rates, as high as 29.99%-even as you are wending your way through bankruptcy. this is the price we pay for living in a free-market society, good luck to the both of you-and watch yourselves.

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