Can A Disabled Person File Bankruptcy For Free?


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There may be opportunities to file for Bankruptcy in your area, which will require some research. Sites such as offer options for those who are disabled individuals, where you might be able to ask that the file fee be waived. Legal aid may also be an additional option. 
Yet if you file for a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy order, this will liquidate the assets of your estate in order to pay your creditors. On the other hand, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires a disabled person to have regular income in order to make a set of plan payments to a Chapter 13 Trustee, which stretches over a three to five year period.
The Trustee is then responsible in distributing your payments to your creditors in order to pay off your debts. The next step is to file a bankruptcy petition with the bankruptcy court in your particular authority.
It is advisable to hire a bankruptcy attorney to assist your petition file with the bankruptcy court. A lawyer will also aid with formulating a bankruptcy plan for your assets and creditor payments.
It is imperative that you sit down with your lawyer to discuss a plan of action. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be over within just a few short months and may not even need long term financial planning.
Yet a Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires that a debtor make certain payment fees to a Chapter 13 Trustee which is taken from your bank account over three to five years.
The long term goal is for you to reach an order of discharge from the bankruptcy court, meaning your case has reached a successful end and all debts have been wiped out accordingly.
Please ensure if you are receiving SSI and/or disability payments that they are deposited into your bank account in an appropriate manner. This is because the bankruptcy court can ensure payments are taken out of your account in order to pay your creditors.
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I just read on a website that there are options for disabled individuals. You can request that the filing fee be waived and there may be debtor classes offered by the court to help you to file the paperwork yourself. Also, as suggested before, Legal Aid may be an option. There are ways to file Bankruptcy....without paying that God awful attorney fee!!! It takes time and work...but you can do it!
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You can look into Legal Aid in your area and see what options they have available for you.
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I suggest you find professional legal advice. My friend was disabled and he was unaware of being unable to file for bankruptcy.

This is really a hard part.  My friend was disabled and that prospect scares him.

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Don't get legal advice, it's a waste of money! There are plenty of free legal advice services out there: you just need to use that powerful tool called "the internet" to find the one closest to your location.

Seeking out free advice is a really good idea, whether you have the funds for paid legal advice or not, because the people offering the advice will be completely impartial.

They won't push you into taking legal action just because they stand to make a profit by charging you high feeds - they will do it because they genuinely feel you have a strong case.

Equally, they will tell you straight up if you don't stand a chance in court.

I wish I had taken this course of action, I ended up seeking expensive advice, only for them to drop me when they realised I was unlikely to win damages!

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In Australia, yes they actually can, There’s a government program for disabled people in filing for bankruptcy,  go to the website  for detailed information 

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