Can You Draw Disability And Work Part Time?


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There are blogs which are devoted to explaining your disability benefit rights in various circumstances, as no two cases will be the same. The fact that you are working part time is also a cause for celebration, as you will be putting your skills and knowledge to good use in your role. In answer to your question, your ability to withdraw disability benefits will depend solely on whether your earnings have exceeded the Substantial Gainful Activity allowance for the financial year. This typically rises in line with inflation per annum, and the current amount you can earn before you will be exempt for financial support from the state is $1,000.

However, your claims of disability will still be scrutinized in order to see the extent of the impairment you suffer from. After all, if you claim that you have a mental disability but still have the ability to concentrate and perform in work, it could be argued that you are well enough to perform day-to-day tasks and live a relatively normal life.

Even though you may be working part time within the SGA allowance, be prepared to explain why you haven’t been working more than this amount. If you or your employer reduced your hours because of physical limitations, then this will be understandable. On the other hand, if you would have been able to work more hours that SGA permits in any 12-month period, there may be some scrutiny about your eligibility to claim.

According to experts, even though the extra allowance from SGA can improve quality of life and increase disposable income, there are risks to working part time if you want to continue receiving support via social security.
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I wanted to know if you can workl a parttime job and draw disability?I was told that you could,but then you couldn't make over a certain amount.
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I have been working two jobs for the past 20 years and now am on disability due to a pick line in my arm from an infection on my liver, where I can't use my left arm but very little. Is it possible to work at a job 20 hours a week part time with that restriction and still earn my disability unemployment check. I live in California and am going nuts by not working at all.
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Yes it is possible to draw disability and work part time, however there are certain restrictions you need to be aware of.  I would suggest contacting your local Social Security Office or check out the Social Security Website,
If your doctor feels that part-time employment, then the Social Security Administration should be able to let you know the rules regarding working while on disability.
Just be sure you are aware of all your responsibilities when it comes to reporting your employment and turning in pay stubs.  It is important to remember that if there are any questions regarding payments, you may be required to pay some or all back.  

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Hope this is helpful
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That seems like an oxymoron. If you can work, you are not disabled. Of course, if your job utilizes heavy lifting and you threw your back out, a doctor would claim that you could work at a desk part time. Once Unemployment or Insurance learns that you're able to work part time, then your benefits may be decreased or eliminated all together, depending on the pay difference (straight time only) between your regular job and your part time pay.

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