Can You Work Drawing Disability,and How Much Can You Make Before They Take Out Of Your Check?


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Deemarcas Day answered
No if you can work, they won't pay disability.  You might be allowed to earn $50.00 or something, but if they think you can work at all, you lose your disability.
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Merlin Paine answered
It depends I think some people who are on SSI cannot work,at all moreover they are not allowed to have any savings either if they save they have to keep in under their bed if you know what I mean however I had a friend who is legally blind and was on SSI he could work but the more he worked the smaller his benefit all though he still had a few hundred dollars more between the job and his benefits. Another person I knew on SSI told me his lawyer told him that he could never work any.You see SSI is for people who did not have enough life time earnings paid into social security to qualify for SSA. So Social Security looks at it as welfare and that is why SSI checks are only about 600 or 700 dollars. Which is just enough to scrap by on. SSA is considered to have been paid in. And is not charity but you actually collecting on the money you paid in. I have a disability that is not considered perminate because there is a chance I could get better. People with perminate disability like someone who is paralyzed from the waist down. I could be reevaluated at any time  because my disability is not necessarily expected to last a life time. If your disability is not perminate then going back to work might be interpreted as you getting over your disability and you could be determined to no longer being disabled. If you are on SSA land not perminately disabled like me you can work and make all the money you can for 9 months after this they  will still pay you benefits for two more months (this is called the trial worrk period) After that you will be paid full benefits for every month you earn less than $940 for thirty six month.

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