What Are The Different Features Of Commercial Banks, Development Banks And Merchant Banks?


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A merchant bank doesn't loan to just anyone; in fact, they specialize in loaning to other businesses, and they do this through a special shareholder agreement. In this way, a merchant bank differs from a development bank, which will seek out ways to help an underprivileged community or nation (third world countries are prime example) through their funds and services. With a commercial bank, traditional banking services are available to anyone who wishes to open an account, and the bank uses the funds they hold for accountholders to finance loans for other accountholders. Since the commercial bank has so many assets, it has the ability to offer loans in a variety of ways - to private persons or companies.

  • About banking

Learning about banking is possible through opening an account and then dabbling in the bank's various services and features, such as mortgage loans, investments (mutual funds, retirement and education savings plans, etc.) and savings and checking accounts. Today's accountholders at commercial banks will also have access to convenient online services that make learning about transfer payments, bill payments, and online banking features very easy.

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If more learning is needed, people can consider taking courses on the banking system (usually covered in the field of economics), or learn about business (which almost always requires the help of bankers). Learning about investments and stocks can also augment knowledge related to banks.

To get the best out of your banking experience, choose the right bank for your needs, and then ask lots of questions from service personnel. If you need to, you should be able to contact a bank 24/7 through the contact us page at their official website.

Banks are important financial institutions that have recently been rocked with many difficult events, such as stock market crashes and worldwide recessions. While many have lost faith in banks and their infallibility, banks are still the number one most popular way to store and borrow cash.

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