What are the qualitative and quantitative roles of development banks?


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This question appears to be something from an exam, perhaps a business or economics exam, so there are several ways in which you can look for the answer. It is better to get the answers to your exam questions sorted before you are presented with them in your exams, as you will not be able to answer them otherwise, meaning that you will fail the question. Here are some ways in which you can research the answer:

  • Consult a textbook

If you are looking for the answer in your class time, you can look in a textbook, especially if this question relates to something on your syllabus. If the question is on the syllabus, the information will have its own little section in your textbook, or it may even have a step by step guide on the answer of the question. Read up on the bits that you don't understand once a day until you find that you are completely comfortable with the information and can remember it sufficiently.

  • Ask a tutor

You should never feel bad about asking your tutor for help with your studies, after all, that's what they are paid to do! Your teachers would much prefer the opportunity to help you smooth out the sections of the course that you don't understand so that you can do the best that you possibly can in your exams. After all, your school will be represented by the scores that your year gets as a whole, which will put them in the league table. The better you do in your exams; the higher in the league table your school will be, if it is a joint effort.

Good luck with your efforts with your exam questions and your future lessons in your course.

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