What payday loan company deposits loans to an account now prepaid mastercard?


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Most loan companies like to deposit the cash into your bank account that your salary is paid into so that they know they will be paid. However, there are a few companies who will load money to a prepaid card.

Check 'n Go

If you apply to Check 'n Go online, they will ask for your bank details and the money will be deposited into your account the following day. However, if you visit a Check 'n Go store you can get your money right away by having the loan cash loaded to a prepaid card.

You would need to provide bank details, however, or a post dated check so that they know they will get their money. You can also only borrow an amount that can be paid back by your next pay check.

Advance America

This is another company that only pays into a bank account when you use the online method to apply, but will pay onto a prepaid card if you visit them direct. Another option is to apply online and then visit the location where you can have the money paid onto a prepaid debit card.

Just a word of advice about payday loans - they are very popular and I know they are sometimes the only option, but please only use this method if it really is your only option. Payday loans are a difficult cycle to break, and it is very easy to get into a lot of debt with them.

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