Which Santander branch has the sort code 09 01 28?


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There is no Santander bank in existence with the sort code 09-01-28.

In 2010, Santander bank took over the Alliance & Leicester Building Society. As a result, all sort-codes covering the Alliance & Leicester network, all of which began with '72' were converted to Santander sort-codes. These branches now have sort-codes beginning with '09', but 09-01-28 is not one of them.

Santander May Be Able to Help You Further

If you're stuck trying to find which branch the sort code  09-01-28 belongs to, then your best bet is to contact Santander directly.

You can contact Santander on 0800 707 6692, or drop in at one of their one thousand or so branches across the country.

Having done a little bit of digging around myself, I discovered a similar sort code: 09-01-27. Could this be the one you were looking for? 

If so, this is the branch of Santander at PO Box 382, 21 Prescot Street, London, E1 8AD. Tel. No. (870) 6000125.

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09-01-28 Is a Santander Liverpool Office No. But it is used for new Santander Accounts  nationwide where you put in £500 per month to get 3% interest.

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