What bank has the sort code 09-01-34?


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The bank sort code 09-01-34 belongs to Santander, so it may be an Alliance and Leicester Account.

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Bank sort codes are used by the British and Irish banking industry. This type of code is not unlike other countries, though it is made up of six numbers. The bank codes are used for routing money transfers between banks or accounts. These codes are set up in three pairs of two that help to identify the bank and the branch where the bank account is held. The first digit is for the bank. The other digits are meant for the branch.

According to banking sort code information found online, 09-00 to 09-19 is the banking sort code for Santander UK. The 09-01-31 to 09-01-36 codes are for Alliance and Leicester migrated accounts. This is why the answer to the question is Santander Alliance and Leicester accounts that are migrated accounts to the Santander UK bank.

The Co-Operative Bank has most of the codes in the UK. For example, anything that starts with 08 is going to be for the Co-operative Bank. It is the biggest bank with numerous accounts in the UK.

The Bank of England is one of the smallest in that they have 10-00 to 10-79. These are all government or previously used for government accounts. Nationwide Building Society as another big UK bank is 07-00 to 07-49. Any bank account number that starts with 07 and falls between 00 and 49 is going to be a Nationwide Building Society account.

As mentioned, the first two numbers are the bank. The next numbers are for the branch. These six numbers will always start the bank account number to help bank employees identify the account. You can also use them to look up an old bank account if you have forgotten where the bank account is from.

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