Which Branch Has Sort Code 08-92-49?


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This source code belongs to the Co-Operative Bank.

  • The first six digits
The first six digits of one's bank account number will tell you what bank the account number belongs to. The first four digits such as 08-92 tell you the bank and the 49 is meant to tell you the branch. Other terms you might want to know are IBAN. This means international bank account number. The IBAN is often provided for those who are banking in the UK, but are overseas.

This number, including the first six digits such as the sort code provided here, are always found in the top right hand side of the bank statement as per banking laws. The first six digits are always going to vary from bank to bank, but they are usually something that will lead back to the bank.

  • Banking laws
Banking laws are there to protect the consumer that has the bank account. Even with the sort code you may not be able to get the rest of the account number unless you can prove you are the account holder. Some individuals who are put in charge as the executor of another person's estate for a time may have the account information, but the bank may not share it due to the banking laws.

Knowing the sort code can at least tell one what the bank is, but it is of little use otherwise. For example, if you have forgotten that you have a bank account and suddenly find the number you can track it through the sort code to tell you which bank to talk with.

Most often the sort code is for the bank to use to identify the bank account holder and tell the bank that it is a bank account number with them.

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