What bank has sort code 09 01 35?


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Meg Hayes answered
This sort code belongs to Santander UK. It changed after the Alliance & Leicester was taken over by Banco Santander. The codes between 09-01-31 and 09-01-36 all belong to migrated accounts from Alliance & Leicester.

Santander UK plc is owned by the Spanish Santander Group and is run as the UK subsidiary. The company is made up of several banks acquired by the group since 2004 starting with Abbey National and then taking in Bradford & Bingley and Alliance & Leicester when the banking crisis hit in 2008. This makes it the second largest bank in the UK if measured by mortgages held and the fourth largest by number of branches. It also ranks number three in deposits with 25 million customers. Alliance
& Leicester was formed in 1985 after a merger between the Alliance Building Society and the Leicester Building Society. They floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1997 when it became a bank and was listed in the FTSE100 between April 1997 to June 2008 when a takeover bid from Santander was approved by shareholders at an
estimated cost of £1.2 billion. The Alliance & Leicester branches were rebranded during 2010 and the bank is now fully incorporated into Santander.
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Amanda Wells answered
This code is within the range of banks that are now owned by Santander, formerly Abbey National or Alliance and Leicester. A sort code near to yours should indicate that this is a former Alliance and Leicester account now moved over to Santander. You can see the list here, but for confirmation I would suggest contacting Alliance and Leicester and asking them exactly what this sort code means.

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