Is Pocket Money Good For Children?


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It depends on how much money, how old the child is and how responsible the child is. For instance, I have a 16 year old son who has a little money on him all the time...usually no more than 20 dollars, most of the time, less.,but I am pretty sure he is not going to use it to buy drugs or just blow it. Then I have a 12 year old girl who money burns a hole in her pocket, if she has 10 dollars and is supposed to just buy a drink and a pack of gum, she usually finds something to spend the rest of it on It is all about judging if your child is responsible enough or not to handle pocket money...especially make sure they are not purchasing drugs or alcohol with it....It is hard these days to know with such easy access to the bad things they have out there on the streets. Hope this helps answer your question....good luck There are times when they may need money and you are not right there to hand them any.
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My children all earn their pocket money and they get jobs to do by the entire famaily but if they don't do any kind of jobs they only get the minimal pocket money so they learn how to value money and they are all great clean kids with the little fella cleaning the big boys room up lol
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Of course it is and use that as a chance to teach about finances and saving etc....good luck to you if you don't teach your children someone else will and it may not be the lesson you wish them to have....good luck
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Yes pocket money is good for children because it helps them learn to save. In this way when they go out into the world they would be better off. It also teaches them about responsibility.
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It is a good way for them to learn how money works,god forgive but it good to have in case of emergency.

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