How do you sell products from Amazon?


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Hi Gee,

I personally sell them from a FB page. There are many different ways to do this though. A few are: EBay, run a blog, make a website, add a business page to your Facebook, etc.

  Hope this helps!

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There are various ways to sell in Amazon. Others register as a seller while others as an associate.

Compared to being a seller wherein you need to have your products or inventory, being an amazon associate is just promoting amazon products and you earn a commission from it. However, being an amazon associate you will need to build a blog or website to promote certain amazon items. You don't have to worry about after sales customer service and restocking of inventory.

But another way is by selling amazon by FBA or Fullfillment by Amazon. Here you will do the promotion or in other words, you sell it while amazon will  fulfull or do your shipping.

You might want to try this guide in selling in Amazon. However, if you prefer to be an amazon associate, which many finds easy you can find a guide in Amazon's website or another is this guide from an independent individual.

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It depends on if you're trying to sell products on your own or if you want to just become an Amazon Associate and earn commissions.

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it is better for you to sell the products as per your needs. There are tons of way to sell the products over internet. I  personally sell in my FB page.

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