how to sell our product?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Best way to sell products is to advertise! Newspaper, Internet, etc. People have to see your product and learn about it to decide if they want to but it. Advertise any and every way you can.

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Nice Girl answered

There are many ways to do that in today's world! You can advertise your products on the net, stick posters at places, give ads in newspapers and television! And many more... :)

Retail Pharma India Profile
Retail Pharma India , Online Pharmacy Marketplace , answered

eller can create a username and create their online shop under one roof,
i.e have a store front that showcases all products they are selling.
Apart from that they can put a storefront banner for marketing
themselves and creating a brand. Setting up a pharmacy store on Retail Pharma and listing products is completely free; retail pharma charges a
minimal commission only when a product is sold. The commission is the
lowest in industry.

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