How Do I Put Out The Word That We Sell Tupperware Products?


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BEN GREGO answered
Just off the top of my head, you could play up the fact that Tupperware is the ORIGINAL - great quality - time-tested performance.....long-lasting...kind of obvious, but all I can think of right now!! LOL good luck!!
* And make sure, at the parties, that you get the products in to the lady's hands!! Let them handle the items, open and close them, etc.
* And when you hand a product to someone, treat it with respect; don't hand it to them as if you were giving them a dishrag to clean the table with!! Just one of the basic rules of selling!! Also play up the fact that they come in many different colors (at least I think they do!!)
*If possible, have 1 or 2 actual food items (more than that, and it'd get kind of messy!) in a few of the products....if you have the budget, get some fake fruits/vegetables, etc.,,,,maybe have a real box of crackers you transferred to the cracker know, make it look like it's ALREADY IN THEIR OWN KITCHENS!!... And one last thing:
* Keep this in the back of your mind while you are doing the presentation:
..."These ladies have already purchased all the Tupperware I want to sell to them - now, all I'm doing is showing them how to use it"...
With these types of thoughts in the back of your mind, you will generate a like thought from you really works!
Good luck...let me know how much you sell!!!

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