How Do You Sell Cookies From Home?


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Well there are many ways through which you can sell cookies made by you. Give advertisements in your local news paper about the type of cookies you make, the exact price of a cookie box.

You can also put up small print ads at your neighbouring supermarkets and stores about the sale of cookies. Try your hand out at online web-sites, and put up notifications on these web-sites describing your cookies, their products used in them and what makes them special from other cookies. Tell your friends and neighbours about your new venture, because word of mouth is said to be the best way to market a product.

A cookie basically is a tiny, flat baked pastry. In nearly all the English speaking nations outside North America the most common term used for cookie is biscuit.
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Yes, you can make a poster that you are selling cookies.

You can also send flyers to homes (just make sure you won't deliver to those mailboxes with 'NO JUNK MAILS' signage).

You can even make a facebook page promoting your product. But maybe you can start with your friends. Let them taste your cookies and tell them your intention of selling. They can be your first customers or they can also help you promote. Then, share this in your facebook and create a facebook page. Social media can be of great help in promoting your product. 

This is what my sister does in selling products. And if there are orders from other cities, she sometimes pays a carrier (of course the cost will be paid by the customer). Sometimes the customer picks up their orders in her home or sometime they meet somewhere. ;-)

Hope this helps.

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Print flyers and pass them out in your neighborhood. If they're good, people will begin to talk about them. Use social sites as well and run specials. Even give a few away so people can taste them.

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May be illegal in your area

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