If you had a million pound what would you spend it on?


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bryan wooldridge Profile
10% to god which will narrow it down to about 900k. Buy me a house just around 5 thousand square feet which would cost around 300k, buy weights i needed and workout machines whch would take about 10k. Spend 190k towards the poor and disabled people. Use 150k on my grandparents because they are in dept and 50k to my parents for all their care and support.So with 300k I would save up and use it towards bills, food, and family stuff.
Vineet Goda Profile
Vineet Goda answered
I would help the poor and just give the money to the people straight to them but not to the cheater govt.  Because the govt will use it and not give it to the people!
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
To the kids again, 30+ years ago when I was playing pro fotball, I gave 7.4 million dollars to a crippled childrens hospital to pay for a surgical and rehab wing and Id do it all again if I had the money
sunil kumar Profile
sunil kumar answered
Like miss world speech . World peace , remove hunger , old people
Richard Scott Profile
Richard Scott answered
I would go to Australia for the forseeable future.
patricia wilson Profile
patricia wilson answered
I would probably go on vacation. I've been wanting to go somewhere for a while. I just can't afford it. Plus, i would need someone to go with me.

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