If you had $10,000,000 what would you spent it on?


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Didge Doo answered

At my age I couldn't possibly spend $10M.

I'd spend around $1.5M buying a beach-front house at Mollymook on the NSW south coast and give the rest of the kids to spend as they chose.

I could always invest it for them, of course, so they would have a guaranteed income, but since they range in age from 42 to 55 they can probably manage to do that for themselves.

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Maurice Korvo answered

Divide a lot of it between the kids and grandkids, but keep enough so we could fly to Australia first class. Never flown first class, and I would never want to fly that long in a coach seat.

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Matt Radiance answered

I won't make a clear list.  Just

1.fulfill my life's needs, family's needs, friend's needs. And will follow the method, "Spend coins to receive coins" to keep my money steady and increased to make sure it won't be ended over the night recklessly.

2.Will open up charity projects, some directly and some via companies but will hire my own group of experts to make sure the projects being done well on the point (surely i won't be able control the whole thing directly every minute!) so will put them on it and they will report to me how things going. And will check myself while to while. There's so many projects which can be done in and outside the U.S so it's going to be huge work for me with such a price i own. So i'm gonna also need a team of lawyers, experts and connective people inside the matter and also have to try to make connection with some powerful people with the same thought as me so i could have a good back up from the inside about what i do.

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Jann Nikka answered

On Me 💛

I help others now. I'll first help me💖

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I wouldn't tell anyone that I had won it; I'd live off the interest, use it to pay my way through med school, then donate it to Humatarian and environmental organisations, and also, quantum mechanics, astronomy and medical research companies.

That might be a little unrealistic, but closer to reality than my alternative; fund the Mars mission, stop poverty, fund the 'cure for cancer,' and every other incurable disease, and save the environment.

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I would spend it on ... Changing lives for the better for people and animals in need .. THAT kind of money could make the world a better place for the one's who could never attain the simplest things that we all take for granted ... Like a belly full of food, a warm place to sleep, health care and free from disease and chronic discomfort.

... and support stronger penalties for child abuse and animal abuse (like: pet abuse registries where people who commit abuse are banned from owning pets forever).

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I honestly have no idea. Probably a place, car, and lots of stuff I would probably regret buying. Money does not buy happiness. Right now, 10 million dollars is no less exciting then 1 million dollars.

I do not see the AMAZEMENT while stacking on MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars. In-fact, Id feel like an ass if I was strolling around with millions and millions of dollars.

Im no Walter White...  "THINK ABOUT IT, 80 MILLION DOLLARS!" what am I going to do with that much? Lol.

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Rat Mat answered

One of the smartest(but probably the most costly one) is to destroy guns, stop wars forever, and make all people happy(so they would not want to do bad).

Thought it would cost a lot more than that.

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