If You Won A Million Dollars, What Would You Do With It?


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Penny Kay answered
I would pay off my bills and that of my family. I would donate some to the sites that provide services for free but accept donations. I would adopt a bunch of homeless pets. I would buy a new car and a larger home with lots of land and a barn to use for shelter for animals. I would buy that hat for MamaCass, and a ticket to the Nascar circuit for Nascarnut. I could go on and on, but I won't. Thank You all for your kindness, I am outa here.
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shaniqua rush answered
I would pay off all my mothers debt, and I would by a house, pay it off and start a company. After all of that I would take half of what's remaining and put it away as a nest egg.
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Tauseef Sheikh answered

I would donate some portion of it to needy ones, then i will try to make it 2 millions by investing some where :) lol
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emma danish answered
I would share it with family or other people i don't believe money brings you immense happiness just makes this life run a whole lot smoother don't it
Barbara Bampi Moreno Profile
Let me start off by say, "Good Question". I would first speak to a financial advisor to determine how I should invest a portion of the money so that it could hopefully grow continuously, so that I could always continue to invest in the following: Helping homeless families(shelters), feeding the hungry, Animal shelter, Donate to Groups who are helping orphans. I would also donate to the Diabetes, and Cancer research. And I can go on and on. The goal is to secure a way to make that initial Million continuously grow so that I can always give to others who need it......including myself and my family. :)
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I would buy a house, top up my pension fund so I could retire in 3 years (so I can spend more time with my family rather than working my butt off), Then I would invest the remainder in a high interest bank account (seems the best bet at the moment) and once a year divide the interest between charities of my choice - that way they get a continual line of support rather than a one off payment. I may also give some to family members, but we all seem to be doing ok at the moment so they do not really need it.
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To be 100% honest with you, and I hope this doesn't sound selfish but I would definitely take care of our personal financials first. Then I would buy some extra special things for my children, husband, myself and my close family members & friends. I would also be able to put a good chunk of it away for our children's future. 1 million is enough to live contently while still working but not enough to live comfortably with for the rest of our lives.
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I'd pay off my student loans, build two retirement houses (one in the Philippines and one in the good ol' USA), and invest the rest in a diversified portfolio targeting aggressive growth. Then I'd make my mom, my sister, and my wife equal beneficiaries.
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charm smith answered
Well I would first take care all I owe and purchase a home for my mother. I would then find out what familys are in need or have gone thru a big lost. And then buy me some things and save the rest. I wouldn't quit my job like some people do which is dumb.
I look at it this way only the rich win and get richer, because the poor would look out for others.
Tom_from_Dundalk Dishon sr. Profile
Basically, I would start a company to invest in the business plans of
my friends and family. It would give everyone an opportunity to get out
from under the corporate thumb and help the whole community at once.
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I would donate some of it to charities. However, I have to admit that I will spend almost the rest on gadgets and vacations. I would save some money for future use, though.
1st of all my mom & grandma both own their homes and new cars and my brother is a self-made millionaire. and my 'Lil sis is earning 6 digits at the age of 26...so i don't feel they need any help. i would hire a private detective to hunt down the dr. That put me in the shape i am in, in order to mortally sue her in hopes of changing the way things are done. those that know my story, understand. hopefully i could stir up enough stink that legislators will take notice and take heed to the problems that have happened to others, not just to me. then i would form a free legal-aide society available to all with disabilities, especially for those without a "voice". of course i would invest most of the money to keep going with the free legal-aide...then i suppose i would put in a new septic tank at my home in Naples, fl...adopt every animal that was on its way to the incinerator...and live on the budgeted system that i am currently on minus the mortgage payment! get chase Manhattan out of my back pocket!!! yee-haw!!!
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Cindy Thompson answered
I would donate money to help abuse victims. Help people who are homeless. I would put money in trust accounts for my adult children to mature when their kids reach college age so that they could help them through college. Pay off our mortgage so that we could have more money to help more people.
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I would buy houses for both of my daughters, pay off all our bills, buy a nice house for us to live in out in the desert, away from the city, and start a business to help women get back on their feet due to divorce, disabilities, abuse, whatever the case.  I would purchase land and build a shelter and would hire the staff to help house, feed, cloth, re-train them with job hiring skills, help them with budgeting, beauty and hygiene assistance, the whole gammit!  And I would make arrangements for many of the blurters to meet and have a fun weekend, all expenses paid at a beautiful retreat in Sedona, Arizona.  Oh, and I would buy some new clothes too!  lol
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I would not keep it. I can't hold on to money so I would give it to the poor and to charity . People that really deserved it.

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