I Have Just Started Selling Tupperware And I Was Wandering If Anyone Has Any Ideas Of How I Can Get The Word Out. I Have Business Cards, But I Would Like To Do A Flyer But What All Would I Need To Put On Them Besides My Name And Phone Number. Any Help?Thanks.


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The flier should be like tupperware blah blah blah SOMETHING ENDING IN are or you could like ask a friend to be a volunteer like in TV shopping when stars or whatever come and are like IT REALLY WORKS  etc , you could ask a friend to do that for you and besides yr name and phone number put a picture of yourself dressed imppecabily and one of your friend so you'll look like a pro mand the flyers will be credible.

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If you are still in Tupperware, I have plenty of ideas I would be happy to share with you.  If you are no longer in Tupperware, now is the perfect time to try again! But this time, you would have me to help and guide you. I have over 40 years experience and would love to help you become successful in this awesome business.

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Hi, nowadays there are lots of option to customise flyers , business cards etc. You can contact some good designer that can help you to implement all you want on the flyers. The important things to be included in it are the valid and precise information about product/ services, images are important, contact information, social media information  and other things depends on the type of flyer.

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A flyer should include basic information about your business as well as any deals or promotions you have going on. It can be a good idea to include pictures of your products, or even a picture of yourself so that people can put a face with the company name. Try to make it colorful and interesting so it catches people's attention. When you're ready to print, check out 48HourPrint.com. They have a great flyer printing setup; you just upload your design and they'll deliver quality flyers in no time.
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The very best and cheapest advertising for this type of business is networking.
Flyers give very poor returns, local press can be expensive. Business cards are a good idea but really learn how to network and it is like a snowball getting bigger as it rolls along!
Check out my article on networking, not all of it will apply to you but a lot of it will.

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Flyers can yield great results - it all depends on a lot of different variables. I used flyers successfully to promote a network marketing service.

It all depends on:
What you're promoting. where you're leaving the flyers at. the design, color of the flyer and the size,  the call to action on the flyer, how many flyers you put out consistently your are etc.  So, as you can see there are a lot of things that hinge on your success with flyers.

I would start marketing online first and then use flyers as an additional method rather than the only method to get leads.

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