How Can We Convince A Corporate Customer While Selling A Product?


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Hawk you are quite right. Also, I believe that all selling involves that we get interested in the prospective buyer,in stead of trying to make him interested in our product/service.

Thats the key I always like to recommend.There is no better way.Being genuinely interested and letting them know this is what draws the customer.

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I am not sure that your question makes sense to me but I think that corporate customers would be most concerned about their own revenue if you are selling or brokering a product.  They are going to be most concerned with how the product applies to their own client base and what sales that would generate for them.  They would need to be convinced that the product is the right fit for their corporation (and quite possibly an exclusive if you can offer it or depending on what the product is).  You would need to be prepared with information on their background and how to weave this product into their corporate fabric.
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I think by just showing lots of  confidence in what your doing..and what you're Saying. And what your saleing ..with these three things. How could you lose..

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