Does Money Buy Happiness?


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Samuel L. Jackson said something to the effect that people who say that money can't buy happiness have never been rich.
I really can't say for sure so if you'll go ahead and send that million my way we can check it out.
In all seriousness my belief is large quantities of unearned wealth does nothing but cause many problems for those that it happens to. Sad to say I'd probably fall into that category as I'd give it all away to every sob story artist who came along and then would be hated because I didn't give them more. 
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I might be for a while, but money doesn't buy it, it causes more heart ache than anything else. You constantly have to manage it, and make sure that you aren't being stolen from with accountants, or budgeters. Many relationships are lost when money comes into play. I like where I am now. Hope this helps.
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Here is a song I learn't to play for piano:
Money can't buy everything, money can't make you a king
money may not bring success, Money can't buy happiness
But of one thing I am sure, money doesn't make you poor
money doesn't make you sad, money can't be all that bad.
I hope this explains enough. But I'll state my opinion in case you don't get it... No, money does NOT buy happiness. It is a good thought to have lots of money, but don't get too carried away. Your happiness won't come with you.
I see 2 Q's here:


    1. No I don't believe that money buys hapiness for I have very litttle money and a jerk of a husband, yet I am overfilled with happiness!

    2. Yes, since I am already happy the money may prove to be quite indusive to me.♥ 
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    Most Definitely! Guaranteed! Without a Doubt! Assuredly! Yup!
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    Cindy Thompson
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    Thanks for your honesty. I don't believe that money buys happiness but you have a right to your opinion.
    Michael Vore
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    I think with the right attitude and already being happy... money will just further the happiness i already maintain...
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    No, money does not buy happiness. It can make you comfortable, it can buy you people, but the only road to happiness is one of choice.
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    I think it can buy temporary happiness. But with more money comes more responsibilities and problems with that money, don't get me wrong i still want to try it
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    I'd be very happy because it would enable expediting my wife home to the exceptional United States.
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    I would say yes, because if I had a bunch of money I would be able to do/buy whatever I want. (Short answer but that's the only way I can put it)
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    No money does not buy happiness... It buys things that makes you happy, but those things do not keep you happy!
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    N to the O. NO Money can by you happiness..... But to me every good thing i do or see is my happiness
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    Depends if youre bored it wont if you just want something like a game and you really like it it can make you happy.
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    Money can never get you happiness, it can fulfill your needs but not happiness, but headaches loll.

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