Why are people obsessed with money?


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People are obsessed with money because even though money does not buy happiness money is required for everything we do.
If you live in any major cities you can not afford to live without it.
Money is fuel once you run out you'll cease to exist.
Look at the homeless...
The more money you have the less restrictions you'll have.
Think about the times that you have stopped yourself from buying something because of the money it was not because you did not want it.
We work and work but we never make enough because everything we do
requires money.
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Because when it's all said and done. Money could drastically change the lives of almost every person in the world, for the better. People say money can't buy happiness...I say try living in extreme poverty for most your life! Then you'd have a different outlook. I agree you can't literally buy happiness but money can purchase things that'll make your life more meaningful, worth living & happy.  I bet a good percent of the people in Africa, Haiti and the rest of the extremely poor countries around the world hate their lives to a degree. The only thing holding them back from a blissful life is money.
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I know this, anime makes me happy, buying anime to expand my collection makes me happy, watching online ruins the whole feeling, there for money can buy happiness. I'm going to college, living on my own soon, apartments and books cost money but I will have a meaningful career, there for money can buy success.
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Because when you have money you want to spend it. Just think about it, money leads to a person who will spend it.

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It's done to the ages-old equation basically:money = being able to do what you want = being comfortable =  happiness.Nobody wants to be poor or have an unsatisfying lifestyle or job or live in the projects or whatever.That's an everyday struggle against the odds and nobody wants that.So that's why people are money-obsessed.It gives them the chance of a better lifestyle, a better house or car and a more prestigious zip code to live in.People no matter where you live around the world, want the best for themselves and their families and figure money will answer all their problems.
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Agreed but they don't know that lol.
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Im many cases it does...I was once very poor. When I say poor I mean it! I'd have to say life sucked growing up due to lack of money. Im not saying since now that I make some good money life is perfect but I can honestly say that money did buy me happiness. Im so grateful for everything.
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That is good.

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