Do u believe in the saying money cant buy you happiness?


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Yes, I do belive that money can't buy you happiness because money is just cold peices of metal or green paper. Sure, you can buy stuff with it and be happy for like five minutes, but then what happens when you have all the things in the world and you still have money, but you can't think of anythign else to get? Just stare at it hoping it will jump up and dance around for your entertainment? I don't think so. Instead, try doing stuff for others with your money instead of trying to please yourself. It will make you feel SO much better. :)Cause remeber: Money won't be with you when you die.
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Money can buy you materialistic happiness and perhaps for some a degree of real hapiness I mean if your fat buy lipo and that can change your life sometimes for the better and yet sometimes for the worse I mean it's al very well being skinny but then if you pile all the weight back on agin you'll haveto go for more surgery and there's always the possiblity for a tummy tuck which can go wrong and leave scars, some peopekl amy also regret this descion and find out that they were happier fatter but on the other hand it may be that it gives them confidence and in turn happiness but that's your image and not even all the palstic surgery in the world can prevent you from ageing no matter how many of thousands and million you posees. You need new clothes you can get them but then they go out of fashion and you wear them once so they become a waste.
As the song and saying goes money can't buy you love and for me I guess that's the greatest happines of all and yes it'll but you an escort or a h***er but hat's not love so I believe it's all based on material things that will make you happy and that can be purchased with money but the true happinesses of our world can not be bought but can only be seen and felt like the stars at night or the setting/rising sun I've never seen anything so mysteriously beautiful and it fills me with happiness (promise I'm not a crazy person. . ) you can't buy them, you can purchase imitations in the form of art work but that's nothing like the real thing and as I've previously mentioned money can't buy you love and the happiness that brings is uncomparable to any quantity of money. Sorry to go on (: But I hope I answered your question
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Money is the root of all evil.
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Money can't buy you anything including happiness as I had tons of money when I was younger and it didnt do a thing for me. In fact I became happier when I donated it all away on a childrens Hospital
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Money can buy certain things that might make you happy, but that is very transient happiness. However, it is useful to have enough money to provide you with your basic needs. Real happiness can be found without monetary wealth.
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I believe that money can buy you happiness since without money, you will never be happy . You will be living on the streets like the homeless and your life is over.
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For once Maxine, I agree with your answer.
Money can buy you a lot of happiness, but Money Can't Buy You Love.....
At least the Beatles said so.
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Money can make you happy....but it can't give you everything..and it can only make you happy 50% the other half is frm love..frendship..etc..8) so at the end of this sentence I wud like to answer your question cus I don't think I have but I'm thinkin what to sayy cus I'm not sure any I'm gnna giv you an asnwer..srry for the babbling on...I guess I beleve in it then? No..cus I think money can buy you happiness...oh well I'm confused jus assume my answer is sumthin you wnna read..8)

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