If properly used correctly, could money make you happy?


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Danae Hitch answered

It would make me happy to have the money to pay my debts off, get my car fixed, do some things around the house and then stick money away for retirement. So in that instance, that would make me very happy. What about you, Jan?

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PJ Stein answered

There was a study that came out a few years ago that conculded those families that had an income of around $55,000 were the happiest. They made enough to cover their bills, had some savings, and could take a small vacation each year.

They weren't struggling or going without food to pay for the electric. So they had decreased stress. They also didn't have stressful jobs and didn't feel a need to keep up appearances that higher income brackets do.

So as long you are in the neighborhood of that income bracket, or higher, than no. It most likely will not bring you happiness.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Yes, I think I could manage it just fine. I do just fine right now from selling my shop and investing and using the money I made right. Always bringing in more and I manage it properly even though I could blow it all on the booze and the broads ! But I don't...Shucks !

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Money buys things that makes you happy, but you have to be good at managing your money too. Losing money won't make people happy either so you really need to know how best to KEEP your money once you have it or better yet - GROW your money so that you can still use the money from time to time without depleting your base funds.

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Well, some people say money can't by happiness or love.  I dunno about that, but I'll bet it can buy some fairly nice subsxtitutes. 

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