What will you do for your happiness if you have a lot of money?


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Belle answered
I'd buy a HUGE piece of land and turn it into a cat sanctuary. For all the cats that don't have someone to love them and take care of them. Of course, I'd make sure that all the cats were spayed or neutered and make sure they had all their shots ect. I'd get a ton of cat food every month, but I'd have the money to do it.
I hate like anything to hear of a cat being put to sleep because no body wants it and sheleters only have so much room and money to go around.
Its a dream that will most likely never come true, but if I had the money, that's what I'd want.
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Eleanor jones answered
Build animal sanctuaries with most of if. That would make me happy. No good keeping lots of money because you cannot take it with you so do good with it while you are here. Get rid of sorrow. Put back a little of what mankind has caused.
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Marlene answered
I would donate a lot of it cause helping makes me happy :)
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Ray Ottewell answered
I don't think money brings you happiness, as such. I think it would help you feel more financialy secure, and contented. If we (that is my wife an I) had a lot of money, say by winning the lotto, we would buy our own house, and live more comfortably.
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Dickie Allen answered
I would move back to western Colorado, buy a nice fishing boat, and a good jeep. I would also get a nice tent and sleeping bags. Maybe a small trailer to stay in at some places. I would go fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir or Silver Jack. Tent camp on Grand Mesa at some of the remote lakes. Play in Canyon Lands in eastern Utah in the winter and San Juan Mountains of Colorado in the Summer. Swim and soak in the hot springs of Valley View in the San Louis Valley of Colorado year round when ever I wanted to go.

If I found the right woman who would like to share this life style with me she would be welcome to join me.

OH I forgot...buy a nice house not too large with a good shop area so I could do my wood working, etc as well.
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Lizzy Michaelis answered
Well, you could give things away to people who need things, give money to charity, start donations to places like Uganda, or just give the poorer schools some money so the kids can get better education or go on feild trips. I've done it before, you feel really good thaat you did it afterwards. I went to go see the school I helped after I dontaed, and that scholl needed some SERIOUS help.But just think: You could do tons of things to help others that would make you happy, but you can still have some money for yourself. But people are always saying: Helping means happy. :)

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