How To Select Better Advertisements Modes?


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The definition of the word advertisement is taken from the origin Latin advert which means to turn. Advertising calls attention of audience. The purpose of advertisement is to tell to people to share some information to sell something usually. Advertising is a unique way of communication anticipated to convince consumers to react in a positive way toward a product service or idea. In America, in Washington DC that is motive of many non- profit advocacy organization which means to transform or influence minds. The objective of advertising is to influence audience to buy something, to think sound of something, and to ask that they get a particular action. In other words advertising is testable, demonstrable science, not an art. Successful advertising is based on some easy strategic formulas.

Advertising can be made artfully. By advertising you have to give some money to the media. The primary motive of advertising is to notify. Classified advertisements are simple information. Memory is the corner store of creative strategies in advertising. The basic assumption of this strategy is that media environment is different and memory is limited. Advertising gives customers something that is worth remembering. Frequency of reception is crucial how many times you have shown your advertisement to the audience to remember it.
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Advertising is the back bone of business these days. Different advertising modes / techniques are being used to advertise business.

The commonly used advertising modes are:-

Print media: Advertising in printing form that is giving advert in news papers, put up billboards, banners and posters.

Huge billboards can be seen on top of the buildings these days and big adverts are also seen in the
news papers. People also put up banners in the streets and roads, posters are also seen on the walls.

Electronic Media:- the advertisements on the television, adverts on the internet are the electronic media.
We can see many advertisements on the television daily, there is no program which not sponsored by advertisers, even the news is sponsored these days. These commercials are usually from 20 seconds to 1 minute or more. The more attractive it is the more viewers / customers it attracts.

The internet is also becoming a big medium of advertisement; people also give advertisements on the websites to promote their product. Advertising on the internet is much cheaper and millions of people are able to view the advertisement as well.
Keeping in view the product and the budget, we can choose any of these modes to advertise the business.

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