What Is The Difference Between Sales Process And Business Process?


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The term sales process is defined as a systematic methodology for performing product sales or service sales. The reason for having a sales process include the management of seller and buyer risks, achieving standardised interaction with the customers and the generation of scalable revenue.

On the other hand, the term business process is defined as a collection of related, structured activities which produce a specific service or product for a particular customer or customers. It is a chain of events. It is the complete response of a business towards an event. A business process is one which entails the execution of a sequence of one or more steps in the process. A business process has a clearly defined deliverable or outcome.

A business process is defined as a recipe for achieving a commercial result. Each of the business processes has its own set of inputs, methods and outputs. The inputs are a pre-requisite that must be in place before the method can be put into practice. When the method is applied to the inputs then certain outputs will be created.

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