How does politics affect the business rethinking process?


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When a political decision affects a business insomuch that a project must be created, it is called a "directive." Work management expert Kathy Shwalbe explains that “directives are new requirements imposed by management, government, or some external influence.” Many companies can find this aspect of project selection boring, frustrating, or even debilitating. The home construction company is a great example. New zoning laws can affect plans for a new development insomuch that the construction company’s productivity may be significantly reduced. Road, power, and sewage facilities might require new specifications that limit the potential for the new lots in a development. Work management can be a challenge.
That said, there are solutions that can overcome this problem. A company I work for uses a work management system that increases the speed of initiating, planning, and completing such directives in work. This is incredibly useful. After all, no one wants to sift around for too long in the confusion of government directives.
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New people elected into office means new business laws and possible new business taxes to adjust to
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Taxes and restrictions need to be examined by businesses.  That is why so many companies move to business friendly states or move overseas.

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