How Could I Check State Bank Of India Savings Account Balance Online?


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Checking your savings account balance online is very easy and should not be a problem for anyone.

Open State Bank of India’s online banking site by entering in your browser’s address bar.

Login by entering your name and password given by your SBI branch.

You will now be able to check your savings account balance as well as perform other operations like money transfers etc.

However, to check the account balance online, you need to have internet banking. If you don’t have one, you can just go to your SBI branch and inquire if they have the internet banking facility. Generally, online banking services are available for SBI customers. In order to receive the internet banking facility you will need to submit an application with your SBI branch. The bank will process your application and send you a login identification as well as an iPIN/password against that identification.

Once, you have the login and password, firstly you will need to log in and change your password to that of your choice. Follow the instructions regarding password formation, like length, strength, and if any kind of characters must be included. Now, you’re all set with internet banking; you can login anytime to your online savings account like you do for your email or networking accounts.

In general, a bank issues two passwords: One for mere checking your account and another for making any kind of transactions. Also, internet banking is a guaranteed secure way to bank and you must not worry about your money getting lost, stolen, or any other problems. Most of the sensitive services like transactions are done through an https server, which is more secure, rather than the ordinary http server.

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