I want to know my saving account profile balance and on my mobile. How?


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To check any bank balance on your mobile; whether that be a savings account, a current account, or some other type of bank account - you will need a list of things:

  1. Access to a mobile banking system. More and more banks offer mobile banking for free these days, but not all banks have implemented this - so check whether your bank has this service first.

    You will usually also need to make contact with someone at the bank to activate your mobile banking service.
  2. The same applies for internet banking, which can also be done over the phone via your phone's 3G connection.
  3. Account details are necessary to access any bank account, whether it be on mobile or in branch. Make sure you have your details handy in order to clear security.
Many banks now have applications which can be directly downloaded onto a phone. These act as an "interface" between you (the user) and your bank account details.

mobile banking getting started setup guide

These banking applications are usually free, and the use of them is often well-documented by the bank itself - so don't hesitate to get in touch with your local branch.

I'd love to give you more details about how to specifically get setup, but it really does depend which bank you're with and what technology they offer. Your best bet will be to speak to a bank representative over the phone or in branch.

Also visit the website of your bank directly, as they usually host instructions and guides for getting started with mobile banking

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