What Is Meant By Corporate Image And Identity And Then Discuss The Reasons Why Branding Is Important To Organisations?


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Can You Explain What Is Meant By Corporate Image And Identity And Discuss Why Branding Is Important To Organizations?

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Corporate image and identity refers to the perceptions of the consumers about the company. Corporate image shows why the company stands for and it gives the persona associated with the company. Corporate image and identity can help the company in attaining its business objectives.

Corporate image and identity is attained through branding. Branding is the collection of the symbols and associations of the company. Branding is very important for any organization because it results in corporate image development. It also shows the customers the values which the company can bring to them.

Branding can also create brand loyalty and brand awareness among the consumers. For example, Nike is a brand which is recognized for its quality and excellence and the logo of Nike also represents that.

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