What Is Corporate Organisation?


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A corporate organization is one, which is governed by a body of people. They may be a board of directors or they may be elected politicians as in the case of municipal corporations or local authorities. It is a structured system with a common goal and an identifiable boundary delineating its function and purpose. A corporate organization has a distinct identity and generally will have its own mission statement or ethos which its members and staff should adhere to.

A lot of large businesses become corporate organizations and spend vast amounts on developing an identity and then much more on marketing themselves under a particular logo or badge. They may become a corporation which is a legal entity with its own privileges and liabilities. Business corporations have limited legal liability so that in the event of a collapse shareholders cannot lose more than their stake in the company.

The employees may lose their jobs but will not have any further liability for any losses the company may incur. So the core aspects of a corporation are: A legal identity; limited liability; shareholders; management by a board of directors. A corporate organization may be publicly or privately owned but is generally large. In legal terms, it is treated as an individual and has to comply with human rights and health and safety legislation; it can be held responsible for contraventions of these regulations and may be convicted of offenses such as fraud and manslaughter.

Corporation is an American term and has been used for many years to describe a company. Today large companies in the UK are termed corporations and liable to pay corporation tax.
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Municiple corporation or local authorities arrenged the large business. The employess may loss their jobs. A legal entity own priviliges and liabilities.

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