What Is Significance And Importance Of Organisation?


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Organizations are established to attain the different goals related to the different interest groups. These are attained through the mutual contribution of all related stakeholders. We can realize the importance of Organization in society in many ways, among which some are discussed as follows:

A. Synergy effect: In an organization, people having different skills and expertise work together to produce the synergetic effect with the help of latest technology.  The result of the work done in group will be higher as compared to the additional value of individual work. Organizations make possible the complex activities. A very small team of players and very small number of civil servants can manage the activities of the government and the nation.

B. Team Spirit: Organizations always enhance the team spirit within its team members. No organization can attain its goal with a single effort of limited members. So, by naturally organization strengthen the feeling of team spirit to his components.

C. Attainment of Common goal:  Different individuals have different goals on the basis of their social values and they come to the organization in the expectation of the fulfillment of those goals. Organizations fulfill their goals by creating the environment of compliance of organizational goals with the individual goals. Organizations motivate them for the commitment in the common goal.

D. Employment Opportunity: The organization has thousands of small tasks and responsibilities in hierarchical form for the goal attainment obviously creating employment opportunity in variety of scale.

E. Economic Development:  Through the employment, purchasing power will increase as well as the organization has to pay tax resulting more revenue collection for government. This revenue will help in the infrastructure development like roads, hospitals etc. On the other way, employment generation is the basic tools for the economic development for any nation. Employment creates income, income creates purchasing power, purchasing power creates demand, and to fulfill the increased demand production should be increased. To produce more, again more employment is necessary. Thus this helps for economic development creating a good economic development circle in the nation.

F. Specified Service: Organizations are established to produce or render specified goods or services to the society giving emphasis on innovation and creativity. This also helps to fulfill the costumer needs bringing up the social awareness.

G. Minimize Economic Disparities: As the lower level people get the opportunity to work and get remuneration, the economic gap between the different levels of society will be lowered.

H. Transfer and adaptation of technology: Any organization is involved in ongoing process of research to enhance its level of services. In this course, it adapts the latest technologies available in the market and indirectly it also imparts these technologies to the society through its members.
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Basically an organization represents a group of people who work together to accomplish something. All the people working in an organization share the same values, mission, vision, and strategic goals. The size of organizations can vary widely according to the area and business they are working in.

Organizations are important first of all because when all the people are working for the same goal and have the same vision, it is easier to adapt to the changes in the environment. Organizations are also a source of value for its owners, employees and also for the customers. Organizations also play a very significant role in providing diversification to its employees and developing them and is a source of and motivation and coordination among the employees.

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Importance of organisation

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