What is factors affecting processing speed?


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An important factor in consumer electronics is the size and power consumption of the finished retail product. For example, a smart-phone must be portable and run off battery power. With current technology, that may result in a slower speed, or higher cost.
Integrated Circuits (computer "chips") that are seriously fast tend to need larger amounts of electricity and run very hot (they may need cooling fins and a small ventillation fan). Those would usually end up in a "gamers" computer to handle all the real-time graphics.
When a chip is being designed, its INTENDED speed (ie. The type of finished product) determines the materials from which it will be manufactured.
The type of semiconductor material (silicone, germanium, etc.) used to form all the miniature electronic components inside the chip has a critical effect on processing speed. Fast chips typically require a bunch of materials most people never heard of, and it costs money.

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