What Is The Factors That Affect Location Decision?


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The factors which may affect the location decision can be categorized into three groups which are as follows:

Country factors: There are various country factors which may impact the location decision of the company like Government rules, political risk, incentives, economy, labor availability, exchange rate risk and currency risk etc.

Region Factors: The region factors include the market attractiveness of region, availability of utilities and labor, access to raw material, development of infrastructure, cost of land and construction, safety, and rules of the town etc.

Local Factors: The third factor which may impact the location decision include the local factors like Site size and cost, access to distribution system, and zonal restrictions etc.
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Country factors
Region factors
Local factors

Government rules, attitudes, political risk,
Culture & economy
Market location
availability, attitudes, productivity, and cost
of supplies, communications, energy
Exchange rates and currency
Attractiveness of region (culture, taxes, climate,
Labor, availability & costs
Costs and availability
of utilities
Environmental regulations of state and town

Government incentives
Proximity to raw materials & customers

Land/construction costs
Site size and cost
Air, rail, highway, and
waterway systems
Zoning restrictions
Nearness of services
/ supplies needed Environmental impact issues

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