How Do I Check My Account Balance For My Green Dot Card?


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Green Dot cards are ordinary visa cards that work just like any other bank card.  The only difference is that with them you only get to use money that is available on the card from which you will have loaded.

An example of how a Green Dot card works, is that if you load it with $200, then you will only get to buy goods worth $200. You can check your balance online by following these instructions:



Enter your full card number in the "Account” box on the top left corner of the homepage.  Select and enter the card’s expiry date.

In the "Password” box enter your account password, and enter the displayed jumbled code at the bottom.

The next step is to click "log in” just below and your account balance will be displayed on the screen.


Note that when activating your card, make sure that you request or subscribe to receiving daily alerts by either text message or email. This will ensure that you are always well aware of your card balance at all times as well as transaction activity.

For security reasons, DO NOT reveal your account information to anyone.  This also includes Green Dot staff, and never respond to any emails that are sent to you requesting you to update or reveal your account information.

With this, you are free to receive text and online alerts from just about anywhere you can access the web.

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