I Am Drawing Indiana Unemployment. Have Not Found Work Yet. Filed And Got My First Social Security Check Today. Can I Still Get Unemployment Compensation? I Am Still Trying To Find Work.


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I beg to differ.  It's true, you do have to report any income while collecting unemployment, but as to whether a Social Security check will affect your unemployment check is like most things unemployment, dependent upon the state you live in and what that state's law says.

Please see table 5-17 under Non-Monetary here:  workforcesecurity.doleta.gov

As you will notice Indiana does not reduce unemployment benefits due to receipt of Social Security benefits.

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In case you did not know the State and the Government is one big happy family and sometimes I think they do things to see how honest we are so if you are drawing unemployment when I got the last check I would not sign up for another since you are getting social security, you are allowed to work a certain # of hours while getting social security,but don't take the chance of getting unemployment and social both because you may end up owing and they will take their money either keep your social or fine you, we don't get over on them only they are allowed to get over on us...good luck and hope this helps you   

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