What Is Contradicting Societal Marketing Concepts And 3 Examples?


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Societal marketing is the theory that businesses should act in such as way as to meet the needs and wants of the customer, whilst considering also what would benefit society as a whole. The idea dictates that companies should make marketing decisions based on this information for optimal levels of success in the long run. However, there are many contradictions to this theory. The main criticism of societal marketing is that businesses have neither the right nor with knowledge to decide what the customer wants - only market forces can dictate this. Instead, businesses should focus on supplying the market with the goods and services that sell best, and allow legislation along with abnormal profit making to dictate future company actions. Below are three examples that show the concept of societal marketing may not be the most effective business approach.
  • Flights
The demand for flights in and out of the country is high; however, as we all know, it is terrible for the environment. Through the theory of societal marketing, a company would stop providing the flights, as the harm done to the environment outstrips the satisfaction provided to customers. However, it is clear this would reduce profits made by travel companies and other associated organizations. The flight company should therefore focus on providing as many flights as they can legally.
  • Alcohol
Again, alcohol has many negative externalities in society, but there is no doubt that the customer still wants it. It would be senseless for the business not to provide a good with such a large demand - instead, government restrictions should be respected as supplies are provided.
  • The 'do-gooder' company
Many consumers are now getting tired of companies constantly advertising how they are helping society. Many see it as a way to draw in custom, and do not believe many of the claims made. 'Do good' companies could alienate customers who are unimpressed by their marketing techniques.

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