Define market report and state its contents and significance for the investors?


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A market report is all of the current available market data turned into a visual representation for using in a traditional report format or for publishing on the Internet. It is a detailed analysis of a specific sector of consumer or industrial markets. They are produced periodically; in some instances on a daily basis for commodities that fluctuate regularly like gold prices, for example.

A market report is significant for investors because they show how well, or otherwise, the business that they have invested in is doing. This is instrumental for investors so that they can make decisions regarding their investments, such as whether to withdraw their funding, or to increase it.

For investors who have yet to deposit their money with any particular company or industry, a market report is imperative because they need to carefully consider where would be the best place for them. In these instances it is often a good idea to study past market reports of the company that they are interested in so that they see the historic conduct of that particular company.

These old market reports can show trends and it may be possible to see a pattern emerging so that highs and lows can be examined to see if there are any outside influences that have impacted on the business and if so, can this be catered for in the future.

Sometimes it is good to look at competitor's market reports for similar reasons. If they are doing well, when the company that an investor is interested is not, or vice versa, the reasons why this is the case can be analyzed.

So, basically a market report is important to investors because they can give an indication of whether they are going to lose their money, or make some.

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