How To Write A Application For Lost Atm Card?


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Nowadays you do not have to write a letter to your bank card in order to get a new ATM card issued. You can contact them directly by going into your bank and speaking with someone face to face, or you can call them and select from the options that will be read out to you and you will be directed to a bank representative who will be able to help you.

If you have lost your bank card or it has been stolen, then you should aim to replace it as soon as you discover it is gone. If this has happened to you, it is not a problem to deal with and below are some steps to follow on how to get your old card canceled and replaced with a new card.

• Contact your bank as soon as possible to tell them that your card is missing. They will cancel this card so that if someone has found it they will not be able to use it. If you can tell them an approximate time when it went missing, they will be able to check your account for unauthorized usage.
• The bank representative will ask you to verify your identity. They will usually ask you for your account number and sort code associated with the card that has gone missing. They may ask for your address and possibly the answer to a secret security question.
• If everything goes smoothly, the representative will be able to tell you that they are posting your replacement card to the address that was listed when you first applied for the card. In the meantime, they will ask you if you need any emergency cash and give you instructions on how to do this.
• When your new card arrives, you will have to activate following the instructions on the letter and wait for the PIN number to arrive in a different letter.
• Once your new PIN number arrives you will be able to use your new card.
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How To Write A Latter To Bank Manager Saying That I Lost My Atm Card So Please Reissue My Atm Card?
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Sample letter of loss of atm card.
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You should call the support or your card provider to report your lost atm card.

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